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  • Are you up to speed with the latest advantages packaging has to offer your business?

    - We create measureable results, sustainably.
  • Resealable packaging can add significant value to the customer experience

    - Lets discuss how packaging can enhance the value of your products
  • Roll Form, Zipper Pouch, Seal Bag…you name it, we pack it!

    - Let us introduce you to the possibilities of cutting edge packaging.

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Your trusted partner for flexible packaging material in Asia-Pacific and Europe

We specialize in a wide range of flexible packaging materials in roll and bag form. Our scale, scope, and experience allows us to deliver an end-to end-approach for all our clients packaging needs – from the design all the way to the delivery. Working with customers in the food-, beverage-, pharmaceutical-, healthcare and electronics industries, we can ensure to meet high quality expectations and international standards.
We are passionate about bringing the lasted advantages packaging has to offer to your business

Your team from RRTS

At RRTS we stand for…

  • Unique functional design and customized solutions
  • The Asian price advantage paired with Singapore quality standards
  • More than 40 years of packaging experience
  • Worldwide deliveries