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The Manusmṛti is the most important and earliest metrical work of the Dharmaśāstra textual tradition of Hinduism. The text presents itself as a discourse given by  Manu (Hinduism) - Dharmaśāstra - Protoplast (religion) - William Jones. Jayaram V. Manusmriti, translated as "The Laws of Manu" or "The Institutions of Manu," is the most important and authoritative Hindu Law Book (Dharmashastra), . Manu-smriti, (Sanskrit: “Laws of Manu” or “The Remembered Tradition of Manu”) also called Manava-dharma-shastra (“The Dharma Text of Manu”), traditionally.

1 Feb Manusmriti is usually traslated as "code of Manu", but it literally means " reflections of Manu". It presents itself as a document that compiles and. Manu Smriti on Womanhood: What is Right and what is wrong? International women day was celebrated in JNU University by burning copies of Manu Smriti. 27 Aug Hindu apologists consider the Manusmriti as the divine code of conduct and, accordingly, the status of women as depicted in the text has been.

3 Jan - 1 min - Uploaded by Om Bhajan Bhakti Varna (वर्ण) is a Sanskrit word which means type, order, or class. The term refers to social classes in. 11 Dec The RSS wanted Manu-Smriti to be the basis of India's Constitution and criticized Dr. Ambedkar for not following it. Manusmriti was the first book written on the law in the world, which deals with social and moral conduct of a person. Manusmriti falls in the Smriti category of. 11 Jan Manusmriti can serve as a guide in patriarchy's long struggle to make women prisoners of historically contrived shackles. 1 Nov Manusmriti - In Hinduism, it is believed that the earliest generations of mortals were brought to an end by Lord Vishnu's Matsya Avatar, sparing.


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